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Lighting within a warehouse environment accounts for around 65% of the total energy usage. With average savings in this area ranging from 60-80%, talk of energy saving lighting cannot be ignored. Similarly, in other industrial, commercial and public buildings (hospitals, schools etc.) the typical savings of 60-80% can often meet organisational CSR targets in a single lighting project.

But what about all the hassle and cost? It takes time to identify where energy is being lost, to assess the increasingly high numbers of alternative methods, to calculate the potential savings of one fitting over another - a challenge that PLS takes on regularly.

The time involved in identifying and implementing energy saving solutions is often a major factor in businesses failing to move forward with cost saving alternatives. We understand that it is not a lack of will, but time and a lack of specialist knowledge in this area that leads to delays. Our aim is to provide customers with a simple solution which takes their need from the initial auditing stages right through to handling any ongoing support and maintenance following installation.

We are currently offering complimentary lighting audits to businesses throughout the UK. Our audits will establish your existing equipment, highlight the lighting usage and identify potential energy and CO2 savings, with the findings being summarised in a simple, validated report.

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