A PLS solution provides our customers with benefits including reductions in energy consumption, lower utility bills, smaller carbon footprints, minimised product waste and improved work environments.
The PLS Energy Services Agreement (ESA) allows the cost of a solution to be covered by the electricity savings realised, meaning that our customers can benefit without the requirement of bearing upfront capital expenditure.
What is an ESA?

The PLS Energy Services Agreement (ESA) is a performance based contract through which PLS finances, designs, installs and maintains the energy efficient lighting equipment.

Who pays?

PLS will bear the upfront capital expenditure. The customer funds the project cost out of the savings from reduced utility bills. We call this the Energy Services Fee.

What happens at the end of the ESA?

At the end of the contract the customer continues to pay the lower utility bills and may choose to terminate or enter into another ESA.



  • No capital expenditure required by the customer
  • An operating expenditure not a capital expenditure
  • Project cost is 100% covered by the energy savings realised
  • Flexible contract terms tailored to accommodate customer preferences
  • Guaranteed energy savings and reduced utility bills
  • Reduced maintenance costs with extended life expectancy of equipment
  • Warranty cover on equipment and annual service inspections
  • Bespoke contracts to accommodate a partially funded as well as a fully funded option



"The results have been excellent. We have seen great improvement in light levels and quality of light. The installation process was first class, with quality engineers installing around the very busy hours of the centre, keeping disruption to an absolute minimum."

Richard Gealy - Assistant Manager, Brecon Leisure Centre
Full Turnkey Solutions

Our solutions provide a one stop shop, from the initial audit and presentation through to installation and aftercare, we will take care of everything and work with you every step of the way.

Improved Light Levels

A PLS lighting solution can improve your existing lighting levels. Our solutions use the recommendations from CIBSE to ensure that you receive the right lighting levels in the appropriate areas.


We can help you to explore funding solutions for your project. Whether you require a full or partial ESA, would like to know about eligible grants or just need to find out how quickly your solution will pay for itself, we are here to assist.

Reduced Maintenance

Replacing old existing equipment with a new solution reduce failures and the requirement for maintenance. 

Advanced Technology
Our solutions use advanced technology to ensure we provide you with the most efficient equipment.
Energy Efficiency
All of our solutions use energy efficient technology to reduce your energy consumption, costs and CO2 emissions.


Get in touch to find out how your PLS solution could pay for itself.